6 Weeks


I usually go to yoga on a Sunday or a Monday for an hour and a half class which I love and have been going for about 6 months once or twice a week. This week nearly knocked me out, I was so tired once I got back and it took me days to recover! I just don’t have the energy any more and staying awake past 8.30 is just not happening. I also went back to work this week after Christmas which doesn’t help, especially as i’m feeling nauseous if i have an empty stomach. Luckily i’m a grazer and my manager at work is used to my constant snacking! I’ve also told everyone i’m doing dry January to avoid any work drinks!

This weekend I am due to meet up with my university friends at my best friends house in Wolverhampton as it’s her birthday. These nights usually consist of a lot of alcohol and lots of dancing…Two things of which I am definitely not up for at the moment! However I wouldn’t miss it, so decide to tell my friend to pre-warn her before she thinks i’m being a miserable cow who wants to go home to bed! I was going to phone her but pinning this girl down is a task so i tell her over text and she’s very excited but also said she saw it coming! However she has said I can share her bed this weekend in case i have any sickness episodes and then I don’t have to explain myself, we also conjured up that i’m on antibiotics so can’t drink as i definitely couldn’t pull off the dry January excuse with the uni gang!

Although these posts were written later on in the pregnancy, i have scheduled them to be the correct timings.

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