9 Weeks


I’ve been feeling so so tired again this week, I went to yoga again and told my yoga teacher that I was 9 weeks pregnant as I was being very cautious and she kept asking if I was ok. She told me she doesn’t usually take people who are pregnant but as I had been going so long it would be fine if I just took it easy and didn’t do any strong twists or anything. However afterwards I felt that I don’t want to risk anything and was getting so worn out by it that I have decided to give it a break for a while and have found a pregnancy yoga that I can start from 14 weeks, hopefully i’ll be feeling a bit better by then too. I have been coming home and having to go to bed pretty much straight away or napping on the sofa until 8.30. One night I could barely eat dinner i was so tired and was in bed by 6.55pm! I’ve also been struggling at work with both tiredness and nausea. I seriously considered taking a nap in my car on my lunch break at one point, but I park near a builders site and didn’t want them wondering what I was doing!

Halfway through the week I began to get some cramping that felt like period pains. They were quite strong and lasted most of the day so H persuaded me to go to the doctors. I left work early and went straight there. By now they had subsided but the doctor said if it wasn’t accompanied with bleeding I should be ok and it’s just growing/stretching pains and quite normal. He could of sent me for a scan but as I had my scan booked for next week he said to wait until then.

8 Weeks


This week I had my first midwife appointment. She went through a lot of forms and I chose the hospital that I wanted to give birth at. I had heard bad things about our local hospital and it hadn’t had great reviews online either so I decided to go with Stoke Mandeville hospital as I knew a couple of people who had given birth their and said that it had all gone smoothly and the place was clean and organised. As the hospital is out of my local area this means that I will have to go there for all of my scans and appointments and also wouldn’t be able to get the free NHS anti-natal classes.

I was sent for my booking in bloods at the hospital so me and H drove there for the first time. However the midwife hadn’t included a form for me to get them done so there was a lot of confusion once we got there but some midwives soon came and found me and handled everything so smoothly and sorted everything out that it definitely reassured me that I had made the right choice.

7 Weeks


This weekend I visited my friend in Wolverhampton with my other friends from uni. I told everyone I was on antibiotics (except my friend who we were staying with as she knew!). No one really made a fuss so it was relatively easy! However in the taxi on the way into Birmingham I was beginning to feel very sick but blamed it on travel sickness. After dinner we went onto a bar and by now I was starting to feel very tired and one of my friends was trying to buy me red bull to keep going, I had to pretend I didn’t like it (although I used to drink vokda red bull by the truck load at uni!) and eventually by about 1.30am I couldn’t hold out any longer and took my friends key and got a taxi home. I think this was the sickest I have ever felt and I couldn’t even talk for fear of throwing up in the taxi and once I arrived at my friends had to try so hard not to be sick and wake her parents up! I eventually fell asleep and the rest of the gang came in about 5am.

The rest of the week at work I was still feeling nauseous, starving hungry all the time and so tired but the wotsits in my drawer were just about keeping me going, sometimes two packs a day!

6 Weeks


I usually go to yoga on a Sunday or a Monday for an hour and a half class which I love and have been going for about 6 months once or twice a week. This week nearly knocked me out, I was so tired once I got back and it took me days to recover! I just don’t have the energy any more and staying awake past 8.30 is just not happening. I also went back to work this week after Christmas which doesn’t help, especially as i’m feeling nauseous if i have an empty stomach. Luckily i’m a grazer and my manager at work is used to my constant snacking! I’ve also told everyone i’m doing dry January to avoid any work drinks!

This weekend I am due to meet up with my university friends at my best friends house in Wolverhampton as it’s her birthday. These nights usually consist of a lot of alcohol and lots of dancing…Two things of which I am definitely not up for at the moment! However I wouldn’t miss it, so decide to tell my friend to pre-warn her before she thinks i’m being a miserable cow who wants to go home to bed! I was going to phone her but pinning this girl down is a task so i tell her over text and she’s very excited but also said she saw it coming! However she has said I can share her bed this weekend in case i have any sickness episodes and then I don’t have to explain myself, we also conjured up that i’m on antibiotics so can’t drink as i definitely couldn’t pull off the dry January excuse with the uni gang!

Although these posts were written later on in the pregnancy, i have scheduled them to be the correct timings.

5 Weeks

5-weeks pregnancy bump

I had my first appointment with the doctor this week, not much happened he just gave me a pack of information and set me up with my first midwife appointment. I was feeling pretty nauseous and tired but nothing too bad. We went to our friends New Years Eve party at their house but no one really noticed I wasn’t drinking as I had my Schloer in a wine glass! Our friend is also 8 months pregnant so there was more of a focus on that! Very scary to think I will be that huge and uncomfortable in 8 months time!

Although these posts were written later on in the pregnancy, i have scheduled them to be the correct timings.