3 Weeks

I found out i was pregnant at 3 weeks and 6 days on Friday 19th December 2014. Having been taking pregnancy tests for the past few months, I knew the drill. However this week I had been feeling so tired, i even had to leave a meal out with the family early (i’m not one to miss out on good food!). I also had broken out in huge spots on my chin which i again, never have so things did feel different this time but i wasn’t getting my hopes up.

It was before work and I left the test on the side and got on with getting ready. When I came back there was the faintest line but it was definitely there! I think i screamed to myself, then laughed and then cried a little – but i was late so rushed out the door to work.

Once at work i began thinking about how to tell H and with it being near Christmas i wanted to make it special so bought a bauble which had ribbons of paper inside that you could write a message on, so i simply wrote ‘We’re having a baby!’ and ordered it for next day delivery.

Later that evening I checked if that included Saturday delivery which unfortunately it did not. Sitting on the sofa with H I knew i couldn’t wait until Monday so ran off to write his Christmas card…. ‘We’ve got our Christmas miracle… we’re having a baby!’.

Although these posts were written later on in the pregnancy, i have scheduled them to be the correct timings.

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